What We Are

DelidataX is a data network, looking to constantly optimize the Publisher and data partners providers revenue. We are alwais looking to sign new agreements, so the chances that the data segmented by our publishers will be better paid. The Publisher of DelidataX, will be update about what happens in this new environment of digital advertising optimization. New services, new opportunities and new ways to generate revenue.

What We Do

Our proposal adds a new and complementary approach of online advertising, helping to increase the publishers revenue.

Our proposal adds a new and complementary aproach of online advertising.

We focus on the publishers segmented natural traffic, that comes to their website under certain parameters for sharing this information. This segmented traffic is hitted by the ads out of the website, with third party partners.

Our container pixel only collects limited information, including a cookie number, a timestamp, and a record of the page on which they are placed.

We can also carry Container pixel placed by third party advertisers. These beacons do not carry any personally identifiable information and are only used to track the effectiveness of a particular campaign.

By segmenting your traffic, we give you the ability to increase revenues naturally, without any effort on your side. Advertising is served by third parties that are responsible for establishing final connections with the clients and potential buyers.

All data collected is anonymous. In all transactions that are made with DelidataX, the identity of the people is not known. Only trends and not personal data is exchanged.


DelidataX collects information not only segments the audiences from our publishers. This is the raw material from which the great publishing system thrives RTB.

There are several figures or entities within the world of RTB (Real Time Bidding) . Customers need to advertise their products and services and ask for a particular audience. These customers do it through the Trade Desk which makes requests like a purchase of shares. For example, the Customer needs to purchase an audience of "man with children".

The RTB ensures most successful digital advertising campaigns dramatically. This new format to make online advertising is changing the way of understanding the meaning of predictive modeling and data-driven targeting the people who need the services available. Big brands have it increasingly clear and also agencies .

This implies that large advertising agencies are offering online ads in this format. working with RTB increases ROI more than advertisers are used to and adds to the string of successes that involves online marketing with this approach. The virtual space of the sale of these cookies is done in the DSP accumulating data of millions of users and they may place advertising.


Why should you partner with us?

Your data can become a significant revenue stream, all while staying private.

DelidataX never has personally identifiable information about your customers.

Customer privacy is always protected.

As customers browse beyond your site, DelidataX is a highly cost-effective channel for retargeting back to your brand.

Implementation is painless and partners always have control over advertiser access to data.

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