What We Are

Delidatax is an independent and flexible DMP that helps publishers monetize their traffic and offers data solutions for advertisers and agencies through an agnostic self-made technology.

What We Do

Our proposal adds a new and complementary approach of online advertising, helping to increase the publishers revenue.

Our proposal adds a new and complementary aproach of online advertising.

We add a container pixel to the publisher’s webpages and we segment its audience. This allows us to manage the accumulated data and let publishers segment their visitors without asking them to fulfill boring/long forms. Thus, this pixel is adjusted to ensure that data is available for third and first party partners.

We only collect limited information, including a cookie number, timestamp, and a record of the page on which they are placed.


Besides segmenting the audiences from our publishers, we also collect information. This is the raw material from which the great publishing system thrives the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

There are several figures or entities within the world of RTB (Real Time Bidding). Advertisers need to communicate their products and services and look for a particular audience to match their marketing targets. These advertisers do it through the Trade Desk, which requests the segments to the Data providers.

RTB, combined with data, dramatically improves digital campaigns success. This new advertising model is changing the way marketers understand the meaning of predictive modeling and data-driven targeting. Everyone in the market is aware and they are adapting their business and advertising strategies to the big changes about to come .

This implies that large advertising agencies are offering online ads in this format. working with RTB increases ROI more than advertisers are used to and adds to the string of successes that involves online marketing with this approach. The virtual space of the sale of these cookies is done in the DSP accumulating data of millions of users and they may place advertising.


Why should you partner with us?

Your data can become a significant revenue stream, while staying private.

DelidataX never uses personal identifiable information about your users.

User’s privacy is always protected.

As soon as your user browses beyond your site, DelidataX is a highly cost-effective channel for targeting back to your audience.

Pixel implementation is painless and partners always have full control over advertisers’ access to its data.

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